Rhode Island Firearm Bill of Sale
The Rhode Island firearm bill of sale is a document that serves as proof that the sale of a gun that happened in Rhode Island was in line with all the relevant state laws. Within the bill of sale is information that helps identify the firearm, buyer, and seller. These elements are needed to prove a legal transaction took place to change ownership. Keep in mind that the bill of sale for firearms needs to be notarized

Firearm sales as a private individual 

It’s stipulated that an individual, also known as a private seller, can only sell a firearm to someone with a purchase permit. In addition to a permit, they have to adhere to a waiting period of seven days before finishing the sale and transferring the firearm to the purchasing party. 

Restrictions on purchasing

According to RI Gen L § 11-47-5(a), there are multiple instances when an individual is prohibited from purchasing a firearm in Rhode Island or even owning one. Those include: 

  • Has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a crime of violence;

  • Is a fugitive from justice;

  • Has, in this state or elsewhere, entered a plea of nolo contendere to or been convicted of an offense punishable as a felony under § 12-29-5; or

  • Has, in this state or elsewhere, entered a plea of nolo contendere to or been convicted of any of the following offenses punishable as a misdemeanor under § 12-29-5:

    • Simple assault (§ 11-5-3);

    • Cyberstalking and cyberharassment (§ 11-52-4.2);

    • Violation of a protective order (as set forth in § 12-29-2(a)(10); or

    • Disorderly conduct (§ 11-45-1).

      • A disorderly conduct conviction shall result in prohibition under this section if and only if the offense involves the use or attempted use of force or the threatened use of a dangerous weapon.

Note: Laws are subject to change and while we strive to give you the most up to day information, it’s always a good idea to double-check the requirements yourself. 

Registration requirements for firearms

Rhode Island is unique in that RI Gen L § 11-47-41 prohibits any government agency in Rhode ISland from forcing private firearm owners to register them with the state. With that being said, dealers are required to keep a record of all sales. For private sales, this is not required.

Carrying a concealed weapon

RI Gen L § 11-47-8(a) mandates that anyone eligible for firearm ownership must first get a separate license to carry it. If the firearm owner does not possess that license then they cannot conceal the weapon while going about their business.

Rhode Island, unlike Maine and many other states, does not recognize the concealed carry license from other states. If an individual would like the privileges of concealed carry in Rhode Island then they’ll have to apply separately.