Power Of Attorney Categories
General Power of Attorney
The general power of attorney form is a legal document that’s created by a person called a principal. It grants another individual, known as the agent, authority to manage the financial and other matters of the principal. The powers given can be specific and narrow or they can be broad and extend to almost every area of the principal’s life. 
What Is A Power Of Attorney?
A power of attorney is a legal document that allows one person (the principal) to designate another person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to handle certain legal and financial matters on their behalf. The power of attorney outlines the specific powers gr
What Are The Different Types Of Power Of Attorney?
Common types include durable power of attorney
What Powers Can An Attorney-In-Fact Have?
Common powers granted include handling real estate matters
When Should I Create A Power Of Attorney?
Reasons to create a POA include frequent travel
How Do I Choose An Attorney-In-Fact?
Choose someone trustworthy
How Do I Create A Legally Valid POA?
Use an online POA creator like ThinPaper to easily make a customized POA form meeting your state’s requirements. Print
Does A POA Need To Be Registered Anywhere?
Generally no
How Do I Revoke A Power Of Attorney?
The principal can revoke a POA at any time while maintaining capacity by providing written notice to the agent(s). A POA is automatically revoked upon the principal’s death.