Wyoming General Bill of Sale
A Wyoming general bill of sale is a form that proves two individuals or entities transacted private items in Wyoming. The document contains details on the item, the purchaser, the vendor, and the proprietorship transfer. This legal document also stands as proof of transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. It also entails details about the property being sold and is to be signed or sealed by someone with the authority to do so. It should be notarized.

Is a Bill of Sale Required in Wyoming?

Although bills of sale are not necessary for selling non-registered items, it's always a good idea because they serve as evidence of acquisition and legal change of proprietorship. This document safeguards the interest of the individuals involved and is useful in the event of a disagreement.

To ensure that the document is accepted as proof by state officials, it needs to include the following:

  • The identification information includes the names and addresses of the vendor and buyer. Make note of multiple sellers and buyers on the paperwork.


  • Detailed information is provided about the property. Provide any information needed to identify the item, such as a broad description (e.g., color, size), serial number, manufacturer, and year. If the transferred item has any flaws, note them as well.

  • Disclaimer indicating that the buyer accepts the item "as-is" or describing any warranty conditions provided by the seller;

  • The cost of the specified item. It is preferable to enter the amount in both words and numbers. If the property is being given as a gift, make a note of it on the bill of sale.

  • Information about the transaction: The date on which a document takes effect must be included in every document. If the transfer is made under any unusual circumstances, be sure to include them in this section. If the payment is divided into numerous parts, for example, indicate the amount of each part and the due date for each part.

  • Both the seller's and the buyer's signatures are required. The signatures are an acknowledgment that the vendor willingly turns over the indicated goods and that the buyer accepts them under the terms stated. Prepare two original copies of the document and preserve one for your records.

Is a Wyoming bill of sale required to be notarized?

Although notarization of the general bill of sale is not required by law, the individuals may agree to incorporate the signature of an eyewitness if they so desire. This can help avoid any problems that may arise if the vendor or purchaser contests the sale in the future.