Wyoming Firearm Bill of Sale
A Wyoming firearm bill of sale is a legal form that documents the trading and lawful acquisition of a firearm between two private individuals in the state. This paperwork contains details on the firearm, the transfer of proprietorship, the vendor, and the purchaser. Even though there are no limits on handgun proprietorship or use, it needs to be notarized. At the absolute least, this would benefit both the vendor and the purchaser in terms of record-keeping, and it would provide an additional degree of protection to both individuals on numerous levels.

Trading a Handgun in Private

There are no laws in Wyoming that regulate the selling of weapons.

Banned from Purchasing 

To buy a handgun in Wyoming, an individual has to meet the following requirements, according to WY Stat 6-8-404:

  • If the weapon is a gun, you must be no less than twenty-one years old; 

  • If the weapon is a shotgun or rifle, you must be no less than eighteen years old.

  • You must not have been sentenced for a crime in any US state, territory, or other country. This clause does not apply to ancient weapons; 

  • You must not be legally incapable at the time; and 

  • You must not have been confined to a mental hospital.

Weapon Registration

Wyoming has no rules that require weapons to be registered with the state. 

Hidden (Concealed) Weapon

Wyoming does not mandate a license to carry a hidden handgun, although it does issue a Concealed Firearms License for reciprocality. A Concealed Firearms License holder can also buy a gun in Wyoming without having to go through a federal background investigation.

How to Make an Application

The minimum age to obtain a Concealed Weapons License is twenty-one years old.

Step 1: Fill out a request for a Concealed Weapon Permit.

Step 2: Send the request to the sheriff's department in the postulant's hometown.

Step 3: Pass a background investigation conducted by the federal government.


Wyoming accepts concealed carry permits from every state except California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming, as stated in WY Stat 6-8-104.