Wyoming Boat Bill of Sale
A Wyoming vessel bill of sale is a legal form that marks the change of proprietorship of watercraft in the state. The bill of sale will include details about the purchaser and vendor, a description of the boat being sold, and the conditions of the proprietorship shift. This form will be needed for the registration of some vessels, and it may also be needed for other requests or permissions.

Signature RequirementsOnly the vendor has to sign the form, however, the document has to be notarized.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) requires that all powered watercraft be registered. Within thirty days of acquisition, a purchaser should finish the titling and registration process.

The merchant will usually manage the registration documents for acquisitions made at a dealership, however for private-party sales, the purchaser has to take steps to register. Vessels can be registered for a or three years, however, regardless of when they were started in the calendar year, all documentation expires on December 31. After documentation, you can renew your registrations virtually, over the mail by replying to WGFD's registration-notice postcards, or physically at a WGFD site.

Where do I Register?

You can complete your registration at any Game and Fish Department office.

Documents Needed

  • a Watercraft Registration Form that has been completed

  • a contract of sale

  • Inspection and Certificate of Title Form for HIN

  • Evidence of an aquatic invasive species investigation at an approved site is required for vessels launching between March 1 and November 30.

  • Remittance of documentation costs specified on the registration form, as well as evidence of remittance of sales tax on the vessel in the purchaser's county of residence.