West Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale
A West Virginia gun bill of sale is a legal document that proves the transaction of a weapon in the state, usually between private individuals or entities. The document includes relevant details on the transfer of proprietorship, as well as detailed information about the handgun and identifying details about the vendor and purchaser. This form will need to be notarized and may be necessary when applying for a concealed weapon license.

Selling a Weapon in Private

Anyone in West Virginia who may lawfully possess and acquire a handgun can also trade one privately without a dealer's permit.

Banned from Purchasing

An individual is barred from possessing or acquiring a handgun in West Virginia under WV Code 61-7-7 if that individual:

  • Has been sentenced of a felony chargeable by a sentence of confinement of more than a year in any court;

  • Is alcoholic on a regular basis;

  • Is an illegal user or in the habit of taking a controlled substance on a regular basis;

  • Has been adjudged to be psychologically incapable or who has been unwillingly confined to a mental facility under the terms of section 27 of this code or close to the law of a different dominion: Provided, That after a person has been adjudged as a psychological deficient or involuntarily confined to a psychological facility, s/he shall receive a notification that they are to promptly tender any handguns in their proprietorship or possession: Provided, however, That the psychological hygiene commissioner or circuit judge shall first determine the right public or private person or firm to act as custodian for the surrendered item;

  • Is a foreigner unlawfully in the US;

  • Has been released from the armed forces under shameful terms;

  • Is subject to a domestic abuse protection order that:

    • Was issued after a trial of which such an individual got a real notice and at which such an individual had a chance to participate;

    • Confines such an individual from assaulting, trailing, or menacing a cordial partner of such an individual or an offspring of such cordial partner, or getting involved in other conduct that would put a cordial partner in understandable fright of physical injury to the cordial partner or child; and

    • Includes a discovery that such an individual represents a plausible menace to the physical security of such cordial partner or child; or

      • By its conditions expressly bans the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical threat against such cordial partner or child that would understandably be anticipated to result in physical injury; or

  • Has been sentenced for a delinquency crime of abuse or battering either under the provisions of division twenty-eight, article two of this chapter or the provisions of subdivision (b) or (c), division nine of said article or a federal or state statute with the same vital elements in which the victim was a present or previous spouse, present or present sexual or cordial partner, an individual with whom the accused has an offspring with, an individual with whom the defendant lives with or has lived with, a parent or guardian, the defendant’s ward or a member of the defendant’s family at the period of the crime or has been sentenced in any court of any dominion of a similar delinquency felony of domestic abuse.

Weapon registration 

There are no rules in West Virginia that require private gun holders to register their firearms with the state.

Hidden (Concealed) Carry

A permit is not mandated for a person who meets the age and legal eligibility demands to carry a hidden firearm in public in West Virginia, according to WV Code 61-7-7(c).

According to WV Code 61-7-3(a), the state offers a Concealed Pistol/Revolver Permit to anyone ranging between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one who wants to hide carry, and also anyone eighteen or above who wants to get it for reciprocality with different states.

How to request concealed carry In West Virginia 

In West Virginia, you must be twenty-one years old to carry a concealed handgun.

Step 1: Fill out a Concealed Pistol/Revolver Permit Request.

Step 2 – Attach documentation of successful completion of a certified gun and safety coaching module, as described by WV Code 61-7-4. (d).

Step 3: Obtain notarization for the application.

Step 4: Tender the request to the sheriff's office in your area.

Step 5: Payout the application cost of $25.

Step 6: Complete a criminal background investigation.

Step 7 – Within 45 days after getting the request, the sheriff's office will either accept or decline it.


West Virginia will accept concealed carry permits from all states in the US according to WV Code 61-7-6A.