Virginia Boat Bill of Sale
A Virginia vessel bill of sale is legal paperwork that documents the change of proprietorship of watercraft in the state. The bill of sale will outline details of the purchaser and vendor, describe the boat being sold, and summarize the conditions of the transaction. This form may be requested as part of the documentation procedure and may come in handy in future sales or permit applications.

Vessel Registration

Vessels operating in Virginia waters are required to be registered. (Guests to the state are allowed to use a vessel  registered in a different state for up to ninety days without having to register.) The Virginia Division of Wildlife Resources accepts a vessel to be run with its former registration for thirty days so far a copy of the former registration and the bill of sale are carried aboard. The documentation/registration of the vessel will be valid for three years, after which the purchaser can renew it either by mail or virtually.

Where Should I Register?

At one of the Virginia Division of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) offices, you can register physically or by mail.

Documents Needed

  • A Request for a Certificate of Title and Number for a Vessel (Registration)

  • The preceding title statement applies if the transfer is made within the state.

  • Purchasers of new vessels will require a Prototype Manufacturer or

  •  Importer's Certificate of Origin filled out by the merchant; purchasers of vessels imported from different states would require the former title, and perhaps the former registration.

  • Sale slip or receipts from a bill of sale indicating the payment of taxes and costs.