Utah Boat Bill of Sale
A Utah boat bill of sale is a document that certifies that a watercraft was lawfully sold in Utah. This document will contain details about the purchaser and vendor, as well as a description of the vessel and the conditions of the proprietorship change. A bill of sale can be used to prove proprietorship and is beneficial for tax reasons when combined with other documents.

Signature Requirements – Only the vendor is mandated to put his or her signature on the bill of sale, and it does not require notarization.

Vessel Registration

To run in Utah waters, nearly all vessels acquired by Utah inhabitants have to be documented with the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. (Vessels owned by visitors to Utah for less than sixty days and boats without motors, such as sailboats, are exempt.) When buying a vessel from a dealership, the merchant will usually handle all of the appropriate registration documents on behalf of the purchaser. However, in private-party sales, the purchaser must take affirmative efforts to document the boat. Within sixty days, the purchaser must get new documentation. The documentation is valid for a year and can be renewed virtually if necessary.

Where Should I Register?

A municipal Utah Department of Motor Vehicle office can help you complete your documentation.

Documents Needed

  • A finalized Utah Vessel Title Request (Form TC-656V)

  • Evidence of remittance of the age-based uniform charges and the documentation cost, like a tax document from the assessor of the county where the purchaser stays. The registration cost for a specific car is calculated using the formula outlined below, however, it is far easier to find out by phoning the Department of Motor Vehicle at (800) DMV-UTAH

  • A bill of sale

  • Except the car was acquired as brand new from a Utah dealership, a Document Of Inspection is required (Form TC-661).

  • If the vessel was bought from a prior Utah holder, the existing title must be signed over to the purchaser, or a Request for Utah Supplementary Title must be filed if the previous title is not available (Form TC-123).