Texas Boat Bill of Sale
A Texas boat/vessel bill of sale is a paper that serves as proof of a boat's proprietorship shift in the state of Texas. The document will include details about the vendor and purchaser, as well as a description of the boat and the sale's details, such as the sold price and the exchange date. Any change of boat proprietorship in Texas requires a bill of sale or an invoice of some form.

Vessel Registration

To travel on Texas waters, any vessel that is mechanized or is above fourteen feet in length has to be documented. After acquiring a watercraft, purchasers have up to forty-five days to complete a title and documentation request. The documentation of a boat is valid for two years. Renewals can be done virtually after you've registered.

Where Should I Register my vessel?

Documentation is available at Texas Parks and Wildlife Division offices and select law enforcement stations.

Documents Needed

  • The sale document ( Bill of Sale) 

  • A request for an official vessel title and registration form that has been completed (Form PWD 143)

  • Evidence of fully paid taxes alongside documentation costs.

  • A Release of Lien is needed if the boat is encumbered by a lien at the time of the transaction (Form PWD 231)

  • If the vessel is brand new, a Manufacturer's Origin Certificate is required, or if the vessel is acquired from another person who already has a Texas title, the purchaser must have the title transferred to them.

  • A Form PWD 504 is required if the vessel was previously documented in a different state.