South Dakota Gun Bill of Sale
A South Dakota firearm bill of sale is a legal paper that proves a legitimate gun transaction took place between a purchaser and a vendor in the state. The document will show evidence of a transfer of proprietorship and also the handguns, vendors, and purchasers' identification details. This document will need to be notarized.

Selling a handgun in private

South Dakota has no rules governing the private transaction of weapons so far both the purchaser and the vendor are legally permitted to possess one in the state.

Banned from Purchasing.

In South Dakota, the people outlined below are forbidden from possessing or buying a gun:

  • No individual below the age of eighteen (18) may intentionally own a handgun (23-7-44); 

  • No individual who has been sentenced for a felony of brutality or a crime in South Dakota or a different state in violation of 22-42-2, 22-42-3, 22-42-4, 22-42-7, 22-42-8, 22-42-9, 22-42-10, or 22-42-19 may own or handle a pistol (22-14-15);

  • No individual who has been sentenced for a crime under Section 22-42 or a crime for a felony with the same elements in a different state may own or handle a weapon (22-14-15.1); 

  • No individual who has been sentenced for a delinquency felony that involves an act of domestic abuse may own or handle a weapon for a year from the date of the sentence (22-14-15.2).

Weapon Registration

According to SD Codified L 23-7-8.6, government organizations are banned from creating any kind of handgun register for privately owned handguns in the state of South Dakota.

Hidden (Concealed) Carry

Concealed carry is lawful without a license under SD Codified L 23-7-7, although, for reciprocality reasons, South Dakota offers two (2) kinds of concealed carry license, namely: Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit (in reciprocation with thirty-seven different states) and Gold Card Concealed Carry Permit (in reciprocation with thirty-two different states).

How to Request for a Concealed Carry

To acquire a concealed carry permit application, a resident of South Dakota must be at least twenty-one (21) years old.

Step 1: Take a weapon safety module that fulfills the requirements of SD Codified L 23-7-58.

Step 2: Submit a request for a Concealed Pistol License.

Step 3 – File the request with the sheriff in the postulant's home county.

Step 4: Give the sheriff your dactylograms.

Step 5: Payout the filing cost of ten US dollars.

Step 6: Pass an investigation check conducted by the federal government.


South Dakota approves concealed carry licenses from all states except California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island, according to SD Codified L 23-7-7.3.