Oregon General Bill of Sale
An Oregon general bill of sale is a legal document used to verify that a legitimate transaction of a personal item took place between two private people or businesses. The form asks for information on the vendor(s), the purchaser(s), and the properties(s) being transacted. This legal document also stands as proof of transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. It also entails details about the property being sold and is to be signed or sealed by someone with the authority to do so. The document will often need to be notarized.

Requirements for Oregon General Bill of Sale Document

The Sale Document has to safeguard both the vendor's and the purchaser's lawful interests, so include the details outlined below in your form:

  • Details on the individuals or entities IDs. Names, complete mailing addresses, and contact numbers should be included. You may also include the digits from your driver's license.

  • The sold property is described in detail. This information must be used to identify the property. Model, make, year, size, color, serial and identification numbers, and other pertinent information should be entered. Include any extras or customizations that are attached to the item in writing.

  • Indicate the cost and mode of payment. If the goods are being presented as a gift, include that information in this paper as well.

  • The transaction's date and location;

  • Information about the transaction: The date on which a document takes effect must be included in every document. If the transfer is made under any unusual circumstances, be sure to include them in this section. If the payment is divided into numerous parts, for example, indicate the amount of each part and the due date for each part.

  • The following is a disclaimer for the vendor. The customer has to accept all of the property's flaws, if any, and take it in its present state - "as is";

  • More requirements are stated below. The individuals or entities can discuss and include any extra conditions to the form; 

  • Both the seller's and the buyer's signatures are required. The signatures are an acknowledgment that the vendor willingly turns over the indicated goods and that the buyer accepts them under the terms stated. Prepare two original copies of the document and preserve one for your records

Is it necessary to have a Sale Document authenticated in Oregon?

Although notarizing an Oregon general bill of sale is not required by law, it can give an extra layer of security to your form. Make two copies of the Sale Document; the buyer will keep the prototype.