Oregon Boat Bill of Sale
An Oregon boat bill of sale is a legalized paper that serves as proof of a vessel's proprietorship transfer in the state of Oregon. The document will highlight the details of the purchaser and vendor, as well as a description of the vessel being sold and the terms of its sale. The form may be needed for registration based on the situation of the proprietorship transfer, and it will be useful for tax reasons.
Only the seller is required to sign the paperwork, which does not require notary authorization.

Vessel Registration

All mechanized vessels have to be titled and documented with the Oregon State Marine Board to operate in Oregon waters (OSMB). Within thirty days of acquisition, or within thirty days of moving to Oregon and coming along with a vessel registered in a different state, a purchaser has to start the vessel documentation process. Vessel registration is valid for two years and can be renewed virtually after creating an account.

Where Should I Register?

Vessels can be titled and registered for the first time virtually, at a registered agent, or by mail at the address specified on the registration paper.

Forms for vessel documentation

  • Bill of sale document

  • A concluded vessel Title or Registration Request (Form 250-R07);

  • Purchasers of brand new vessels will require a statement of origin from the manufacturer.

  • Purchasers of old vessels with extant titles, whether from Oregon or a different state, will need to have them signed over.

  • A Missing or Replacement Vessel Title Application is required if the boat was acquired in Oregon but the title is not available.

  • Evidence of a Hull Identification Number (HIN) check from Marine Law Enforcement for houseboats and those without a title;

  • All documentation costs must be paid in accordance with this cost schedule.