North Dakota Firearm Bill of Sale
A North Dakota handgun bill of sale is a legal document utilized in the transaction of weapons in the state. This document adds to the security of the transaction by containing vital details about the vendor, Purchaser, and the weapon being acquired. It also certifies that a legitimate transfer of proprietorship occurred. A notary public is required to complete this form.

Selling a Firearm in Private

Any individual who is lawfully allowed to possess and buy a weapon in North Dakota is likewise allowed to sell one privately.

Banned from Purchasing

According to ND Cent. Code 62.1-02-01 the conditions below make an individual ineligible to buy a weapon in North Dakota:

  • An individual who has been sentenced for a criminal offense that involves assault or oppression in transgression of section 12.1-16 through 12.1-25, or an equal criminal felony of a different state or the federal government, is banned from owning, possessing, or controlling a weapon for ten years after sentenced date or the date of liberation from detention, parole, or probation, whichever is recent.

  • An individual who has been sentenced anywhere of a criminal felony of this or a different state or the federal government not taken into consideration in subdivision a or who has been sentenced of a class A criminal offense which involves assault or oppression in transgression of sections 12.1-16 through 12.1-25 or an equal crime of a different state or the federal government and the offense was committed while utilizing or in possession a handgun, a dangerous weapon, or, as described in paragraph 12.1-01-04, a catastrophic tool or a denotative, is banned from possessing a weapon or having one in possession or under control from the sentenced date and lasting for a phase of five years after the sentenced date or the liberation date from detention, parole, or probation, whichever is recent.

  • An individual who is or has ever been tested and confined to a hospital or other facility in this state or somewhere else by a court of capable jurisdiction, other than a person who has had the petition that provided the basis for the diagnosis, confinement, or commitment dismissed under section 25-03.1-17, 25-03.1-18, or 25-03.1-19, or equivalent statutes of another jurisdiction, as a person requiring treatment as defined in section 25-03.1-02, or as a psychologically deficient individual, is banned from buying a weapon or owning one or under control. This restriction does not apply to an individual who has not suffered from the ailment for the past three (3) years or who has requested ease under paragraph 62.1-02-01.2.

  • An individual below eighteen (18) years old may not own a weapon unless such an individual, while under the direction of an older person, may hold/own a pistol for the aims of weapon safety coaching, target shooting, or hunting.

 Weapon Registration

There are no rules in North Dakota that require the documentation of privately owned weapons.

Hidden (Concealed)Weapon

A resident of North Dakota has to have a Concealed Firearm Permit to carry a concealed handgun. Class 1 and Class 2 permits are the two categories of permits available. The sole distinction is that Class 1 enjoys reciprocality with a greater number of states than Class 2.

How to Request for a Concealed Carry

Every PERMIT candidate has to be twenty-one years old or above.

Step 1: Fill out and print the online application.

Step 2: Pass the state-mandated testing.

Step 3 – Add the supplemental documents listed below to your papers:

  • Two-color passport photographs; 

  • Two dactylogram cards;

  • A sixty US dollars processing cost.

  • A copy of the applicant's present driver's permit; and

  • Evidence of applicant's proficiency with a weapon as mandated by ND Cent. Code 62.1-04-03(2).

Step 4: Send the application and all supporting documentation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Step 5 – Within sixty days after receiving the application, the Bureau will either accept or reject it.


North Dakota accepts the concealed carry licenses of any state that accepts North Dakota's license, according to ND Cent. Code 52.1-07-03.1. North Dakota does not accept licenses from the states mentioned below:

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, and Rhode Island do not accept permits from the aforementioned states.