North Carolina Boat Bill of Sale
A North Carolina boat bill of sale is a legalized paper that acts as proof of a lawful deal/business involving a boat or vessel between two individuals or entities in North Carolina. It includes information on the purchaser, vendor, and the watercraft that is required for documentation. This form has to be submitted along with a state registration application. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is in charge of vessel documentation.

Signing Requirements: The vendor has to sign the bill of sale before it can be authenticated.

Vessel Registration

Boat owners have the option of registering their vessels for one or three years. Vess documentation can be renewed virtually through ALVIN, physically with a Wildlife Service Agent, through email to, or by calling 1-800-628-377 utilizing the Vessel Renewal/Duplicate Registration Request Form.

Where Should I Register?

New vessel documentation can be sent via the mail or completed physically with a Wildlife Service Agent.

Documents Needed

  • Application for NC Vessel Registration and Title, 

  • Sale Document; 

  • Certificate of Title, and 

  • Documentation costs.