New York Gun Bill of Sale
A New York gun bill of sale is a legalized paper that verifies that a weapon was transacted, or transferred in accordance with all applicable regulations in the state of New York. The vendor, the purchaser, and the weapon at the core of the transaction are all identified in this document. It can be used as legalized evidence of a transfer of proprietorship from one party to another. This document has to be authenticated in the presence of at least two eyewitnesses.

Trading a Weapon in Private

Anyone with an authorized New York State Pistol/Revolver Permit can privately sell a handgun in as much as they work with a federally licensed weapon merchant to do a federal background investigation on the potential purchaser.

Banned from purchasing

A New York State Pistol/Revolver Permit is mandated for any New York state citizen who wishes to acquire a firearm, except in New York City. NY Penal L 400.00(1) prohibits anyone from acquiring a handgun if they are not:

  • Postulants have to be at least twenty-one years of age or older, except for those who have been gloriously retired from the United States army, navy, marine corps, air force, or coast guard, or the state of New York's national guard;

  • or of awesome upright character; 


  • who has not been sentenced of a crime or critical felony anywhere, or who is not the subject of an outstanding license of detention issued for the unproven perpetration of a crime or serious felony; 

  • who is not a fugitive from justice;

  • who is not an illicit user of or addicted to any controlled substance as described in paragraph 21 U.S.C. 802; 

  • who, as a foreigner 

    • is not in the US illegitimately, or 

    • has not been allowed to the US with a nonimmigrant visa subject to the exemption in 18 U.S.C. 922(y)(2); 

  • who has not been dismissed from the Armed Forces due to shameful terms; 

  • who has not renounced his or her citizenship; 

  • who has stated whether s/he has ever suffered from psychological diseases; 

  • who was not accidentally committed to an establishment under the dominion of an office of the division of mental hygiene following article nine or fifteen of the mental hygiene rule, article seven hundred thirty or section 330.20 of the criminal procedure law, section four hundred two or five hundred eight of the correction law, section 322.2 or 353.4 of the family court act, or was not peacefully restrained in a safe treatment facility following article ten of the mental hygiene law;

  • who has not had their permit withdrawn or is not subject to a temporary removal or incompetency law given under the requirements of section 530.14 of the criminal process legislation or section 842-a of the family court act;

  • in Westchester County, who has accomplished a weapons security module and exam as proved by a certificate of completion given in his or her name and approved and stated under punishment of deception by a lawfully approved coach, with the exemption of:

    • Individuals who are gloriously released from the US army, navy, marine corps, or coast guard, or the state of New York's national guard, and show proof of official eligibility in weapons during the term of service are exempt from completing those hours of a handgun security module regarding the safe use, carrying, owning maintenance, and storage of a weapon; and

    • Before the opening date of this paragraph, individuals who were permitted to own a handgun or revolver were not mandated to complete a weapons safety module and exam;

  • who has not had a custodian chosen for him or her according to any requirements of state law, depending on a resolve that s/he is lacking the psychological ability to contract or handle his or her business because of marked inferior intellectuality, psychological disorder, inability, terms, or illness; and

  • Regarding an individual with whom there is no good reason to deny the permit. Except as authorized under this clause, no individual may engage in the business of gunsmithing or dealing in weapons. A postulant for such a permit also has to be a US citizen over the age of twenty-one and have a place of business in the city or county where the license is given. If the applicant is a firm or partnership, each member of the firm or partnership must abide by all of the provisions set out in this section, and if the postulant is a corporation, each officer must abide by all of the provisions outlined in this section.

Getting a Weapon Registered

All weapon possessors have to register their firearms with the state police, according to NY Penal L 400.00(16-a). All licensed handgun merchants are mandated to keep complete records of all weapon sales, according to NY Penal L 400.00(12).

Secret (Concealed) Carry

To have a concealed handgun in New York, all inhabitants have to get a State of New York Pistol/Revolver Permit.

How to Request for a Concealed Carry

In New York, you have to be at least twenty-one years old to have a concealed weapon.

Step 1: Fill out a request for a Pistol/Revolver Permit from the State of New York (PPB3).

Step 2 – Include a passport photo of the applicant that was taken within the last thirty days of the request.

Step 3 – Provide evidence of a lawfully approved need or desire to carry a handgun.

Step 4: Send the application to the county in which the applicant resides or works.

Step 5 - Within six months after submission, the application will either be granted or rejected.


In New York, concealed carry permits from other states are not accepted.