New York Boat Bill of Sale
A New York boat bill of sale is required to register a vessel in the state of New York and serves as confirmation that an individual/entity completed the legalized sale of a vessel to another individual/party. It contains vital details about the boat and the individuals/entities involved, some of the other information it contains are the year and make of the vessel, the hull identification number, the transaction date, and the price the vehicle was sold. It is not sufficient evidence of proprietorship on its own.

Signing demands: Both the purchaser and the vendor have to put their signatures on the document, which must also be authenticated by a notary public.

Vessel Registration

Boat registrations in New York State are valid for three years. Renewal is available virtually at the New York DMV’s website. In the state of New York, vessels without motors are not required to be documented.

Where Should I Register?

Physically at a DMV office near you.

Documents Needed

  • Sale Document; 

  • Application for Vessel Registration / Title (Form MV-82B); 

  • Certificate of Title; 

  • Evidence of Identification; 

  • Evidence of Proprietorship; and

  • Documentation charge