New Hampshire Boat Bill of Sale
To show that there has been a transfer of ownership of a vessel from one party(the merchant) to another party (the buyer), A New Hampshire boat bill of sale is drawn. The bill of sale is a document that entails vital data as regards the brand and color of the vessel, the materials used in constructing the vessel, engine number, etc. It also contains details about the person buying and the person selling the vessel. These details are required for the registration of the boat.

To make the document valid, the parties involved in the sale and purchase of the vessel must imprint their signature on it (the document), and this document must also be consented to by appropriate authorities.

Registration For A  Boat

In the state of New Hampshire, any powered boat that is up to twelve or more inches long must be registered. With exception to none, all vessel registrations elapse on the 31st day of December, which is the last day of the year(not minding when it was registered originally/firsthand). After expiration, one can renew registration by sending a mail to Concord Headquarters.

Registration Location

Anyone who just purchased a vessel is to register it with a licensed vessel agent, or via a mail to the Concord Headquarters, or through the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles’ drop box.

Documents Needed for Registration

  1. Proof of Purchase (a bill of sale in this case);

  2. A completely filled application to register vessel;

  3. Fees to be paid for registration;

  4. Document verifying the identity of a boat; in cases where the boat is locally produced at home.