Nebraska Firearm Bill of Sale
To prove that there has been a sales transaction involving the buying, selling, and transfer of title of a firearm from one party to another, a Nebraska gun bill of sale is drawn. It is a formal document that contains vital details about the person buying, the person selling and the object of sale (firearm). It has to be signed and stamped on to prove its legality.

Who Can Sell A Firearm?

In Nebraska, any inhabitant of the state who is permitted by law to own a gun also reserves the right to sell a gun.

Who Cannot Purchase A Gun?

Any person who intends to buy and own a firearm cannot do so without obtaining a certificate allowing this first. This certificate is obtained from any local chief of police. This law is backed by NE. Rev. Stat. § 69-2404. However, there are situations that would prohibit a person from buying a gun and they include:

  • If the person has been found guilty of committing any crime that is regarded as a felony or misdemeanor;

  • If the person is mentally ill or has been mentally ill at a time in the last 10 years before purchase;

  • If the person has been convicted for dangerously using a firearm in the past;

  • If the person unlawfully uses controlled substances; etc

Gun Registration

There are no laws in the state of Nebraska that demand that gun owners within the state register their guns.

Carrying Hidden Weapons

As stated in NE Rev. Stat. § 69-2428 and § 69-2441, a permit is required to carry hidden weapons in the state of Nevada.

Steps to Applying For a Firearm Permit.

To apply for a permit, you must be up to twenty-one (21) years of age. Follow the steps below for a successful application: 

  1. Conclude an accredited and recognized safety and training course for weapons

  2. Fill an Application for a Concealed Handgun Permit.

  3. Submit evidence that you have concluded handgun training with the other required documents.

  4. Make submissions of the application form, other documents, and your fingerprints to any State Patrol Headquarters around you. In submitting fingerprints, the guidelines as stated in NE Rev. Stat. § 69-2431 must be followed.

  5. Make a payment of all applicable costs

  6. Within 45 days after submission, your application to be issued a permit will be allowed or denied.

2-Way Recognition

Under NE Rev. Stat. § 69-2448, permits obtained from other states in the US, except some, are valid within Nebraska.