Michigan Firearm Bill of Sale
To prove that there has been a sales transaction involving the buying, selling, and transfer of title of a firearm from one party to another, a Michigan gun bill of sale is drawn. It is a formal document that contains vital details about the person buying, the person selling and the object of sale (firearm). The buyer and seller, alongside two other parties, are to imprint their signature on this form in order to prove its legality. 

Who Can Sell A Firearm?

In Michigan, a person who is permitted by law to own a gun also reserves the right to sell a gun. 

Who Cannot Purchase/Own A Firearm?

Pursuant to MI Comp L § 750.223(3), any individual who has been charged and convicted of committing any Felony related crime will not be permitted to own, have in his possession or transport a firearm. 

Gun Registration

Any inhabitant of the state of Michigan who purchases a gun is to register the gun. To do this, he/she must submit a proof of purchase (which is a Bill of Sale in this case) to the office of the police in their locality (see MI Comp L § 28.422a(2))

To Carry A Concealed Weapon:

One must have obtained a CPL ( also known as a Concealed Pistol License). To successfully do this, the applicant must be up to 21 years old and must follow the steps below: 

  1.  He/she must have concluded his/her application for the CPL.

  2. He/she must also submit (alongside all other required documents) a document showing that they have concluded a firearm training course accredited and recognized in the state of Michigan.

  3. He/she must also submit a colored passport photograph as a means of identification; the applicant must also submit his/her fingerprint as a means of identification.

  4. These documents must be filed in the office of the county clerk.

  5. The applicant must pay a filing fee of $100.

  6. After making appropriate submissions and within 45 days, the county clerk will allow or disallow the issuance of the CPL (Concealed Pistol License).

2-Way Recognition

In line with the provisions of section MI Comp L § 28.432a(h), as long as a firearm carrier acts in line with all the laws of Michigan, he/she, regardless of whether or not they are a resident of the state, will be allowed to carry a weapon within the state.