Massachusetts Gun Bill of Sale
To prove that there has been a sales transaction involving the buying, selling, and transfer of title of a firearm from one party to another, a Massachusetts gun bill of sale is drawn. It is a formal document that contains vital details about the person buying, the person selling and the object of sale (firearm). The buyer and seller, alongside two other parties, are to imprint their signature on this form to prove its legality. 

Who can Sell a Firearm?

Under MA Gen L ch 140 § 122, one must be licensed to sell a gun in the state of Massachusetts before he/she can do so.

Who Cannot Purchase a Firearm?

To buy a firearm, one must first apply for and get a Firearms Identification Card. However, under MA Gen L ch 140 § 129B, certain individuals may be hindered from getting a gun (for specific reasons). For instance, persons who have been charged and convicted of a crime that is regarded as a felony, misdemeanor (with over 2 years imprisonment term) or violent crime; persons who are aliens and disregard the law, persons who are no longer citizens of the USA by denunciation, etc, cannot purchase a firearm.

Gun Registration

There are no laws in the state of Massachusetts that demand that citizens register their guns.

Carrying Concealed Weapons

To do this, one must first apply for and get an LTC ( License to Carry).

Application Steps

To apply for an LTC, persons must be up to 21 years old. The following steps must be followed to successfully apply: 

  1. He/she must have concluded a safety training course for firearms, and this course must be one approved by MA Gen L ch. 140 § 131P(a).

  2. He/she must apply to the Local Police Department.

2 Way Recognition

In line with the provisions of MA Gen L ch. 140 § 131(F), any person who intends to carry a weapon in the state despite not living in the state is required to apply for and get a temporary license from a recognized/accredited authority in Massachusetts.