Idaho Boat Bill of Sale
The Idaho boat bill of sale is a legal document that serves as a record and evidence of a transaction that resulted in the transfer of ownership of a vessel/boat. The bill of sale can record the transaction between individuals and entities and is valid for the purchase, trade, and sale of a vessel. 

Within the Idaho boat bill of sale, there will be information related to the boat such as its ID, and information about the transaction such as purchase price and parties involved. This is a required document that must be presented when trying to register a newly purchased boat. If a copy that’s signed by the buyer and seller is not available then the buyer will not be able to get their registration certificate.

Registering a Boat in Idaho

Idaho has a blanket regulation that all vessels with a motor as well as those powered by sails (motorboats and sailboats) must be duly registered with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. After registration is complete, the boat can then be used to plie public waters. Like motor vehicles, the registration is valid for one year with all of them expiring on December 31. With that being said, it’s possible to renew by mail or online. If you’re the seller of the vessel, you must report it to the IDPR within a timeframe of 15 days. 

Required forms for boat registration in Idaho

  • A duly completed and signed bill of sale form

  • A duly completed application for the certificate of title 

  • The certificate of title (from the previous owner if applicable)

  • Proof of identity, typically a driver’s license that’s valid in Idaho. 

  • The required fees for boat registration