Colorado General Bill of Sale
A Colorado general bill of sale is a legal document that acts as evidence of a transaction or trade that has been arranged and completed between a purchaser and vendor. This document contains information about the vendor and the purchaser, and also an elucidation of the transaction and its cost. It can also be used as a receipt to protect both parties.

This might apply to any tangible or intangible item that is traded or exchanged for money. After both parties have exchanged and received their end of the trade, a bill of sale should be signed. Both parties must sign the contract.

To verify that the form is lawful and effective in safeguarding you, fill it as follows:

  • Include the vendor's full name, physical address, and photo identification number in the description. Provide the same set of facts to the purchaser. Where there are email addresses please include them also.

  • Describe the item being transferred through this Bill of Sale. Fill in all relevant information, such as the manufacturer, model, color, size, and serial number, to help you identify the item. 

  •  If the transferred item has any flaws, make a note of these as well.

  • Indicate whether the purchaser will take the item "as-is" or if the vendor will provide a guarantee;

  • Fill in the contract's effective date. This will be useful when missing receipts or other documentation that may arise from this sale.

  • Indicate the total quantity of sales in both words and numbers. Describe any particular conditions in this document if the payment is made in multiple transactions or if there are any other special circumstances.

  • The vendor's disclosure, which states that the item description is accurate and that the seller is the legal owner of the item, is often included in the form.

  • the seller's and the buyer's signatures are required. The signatures are an acknowledgment that the vendor willingly turns over the indicated goods and that the buyer accepts them under the terms stated. Prepare two original copies of the document and preserve one for your records.

When selling or buying personal items, the state of Colorado does not require you to fill out a form, and there are no government-supplied forms available for this purpose. It is, nonetheless, a good idea to prepare one. It can be used as a receipt, evidence that you are the legal owner of the specified thing, or proof that you are no longer accountable for the listed item.

You can make your document or use a basic template to get started. Download the Colorado-specific General Bill of Sale below.