Colorado Boat Bill of Sale
A Colorado bill of sale document for boats formalizes the acquisition and selling of a vessel between two or more private persons, commonly a Purchaser and vendor. The paperwork expresses the mutually agreed purchase price and documents the vessel's state at the moment of sale. To confirm the legal transfer of ownership, the recent possessor has to show a formal sale document to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) when registering the watercraft. Signature Demands - The purchaser and the vendor have to sign the contract.

Getting a Boat Registered

All automated and mechanical vessels have to be documented with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) in between thirty days of buying it. During those thirty days, the recent possessor can use the sale document as a provisional substitute for official registration.

After the vessel is properly documented, the owner must renew the documentation annually when it's due. Irrespective of when the documentation was first filed, all registrations are accepted between January 1 to December 31. The CPW IPAWS website allows you to renew your registration virtually.

Where Should I Register?

New vessel owners must either register physically at a local Colorado Parks and Wildlife location or assemble all documentation and send them to:

13787 S Highway 85, Littleton, CO 80125 Colorado Parks, and Wildlife-Registration Unit

Documents Needed

  • Completed Colorado Vessel Documentation Form (REGIS 01/2020);

  • ANS Stamp (gotten during the documentation process); 

  • Sale Document or Other Valid Proprietorship Papers;

  • Documentation Charges ($35.25-$75.25, based on the length of the vessel); 

  • and an Accepted Colorado Driver's Permit or Form of Photograph Identification.