Bicycle Bill of Sale
Bicycle Bill of Sale
A bicycle bill of sale records the legal transaction between a seller and buyer, serving as proof of ownership. It specifies the bike details, sale price, and outlines when signatures are required to validate the sale.

Bicycle Bill of Sale - what is it?

This form is used to document the legal purchase or sale of a bike from buyer to seller. This form serves as a receipt. As part of the contract, the purchaser and seller provide a description of the bike, the cost (if any), and their signatures as proof of ownership.

Bicycle Bills of Sale: Why Do I Need Them?

Several reasons make a bicycle bill of sale important.

  • It serves as a record and proof of ownership.

  • This helps (should the bike be stolen) to trace its history.

  • In case of theft or unauthorized use, the buyer or seller will benefit from the security.

  • The system is a great way to sell items quickly and easily.

Where and How to Sell a Bicycle

Many bike snatchers are looking to turn a quick profit by selling the bikes they take. Here's where and how you should sell your bike.

where should you sell your bike?

A reputable sports equipment store or someone you know is a safer option when selling your bike. If you must sell to a stranger (online or through a news ad), meet in a public place with lots of people around.

How to sell a bike

If you want to sell your bicycle, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Make sure all parts of your bike are clean.

  2. Ensure all parts, from the brakes to the chains to the wheels, function properly.

  3. Decide how much you want to sell your bike for. You may have to negotiate the price, so set a high and a low selling price. Keep your price reasonable - or you may have trouble selling your home in a reasonable amount of time.

  4. Try contacting friends, placing ads, or visiting pawn shops and second-hand equipment shops. To find the best price, speak to each prospective buyer.

  5. Finally, meet the seller. Finalize the sale with a bicycle bill of sale, and transfer the bike to the new owner.

Bringing the sale to a close

In order to complete the sale, you'll need the bicycle bill of sale form. The bill of sale isn't complex.

The form only requires the following information once you download it:

  • Sale date

  • Address & Name of the Buyer

  • Name and address of the seller

  • Make, Model, Year, Serial #, Color of the bike

  • Price

  • Signed and dated by the buyer

  • Signature and date of seller

  • Witness signature and date (if applicable) 

A bicycle sale is completed when the bicycle bill of sale form has been completed, copies are given to both the seller and buyer, and the sale price is met.