Arkansas Firearm Bill of Sale
An Arkansas firearm sale document certifies that a firearm was legally sold or traded in Arkansas. In addition, it serves as proof of the firearm's official shift of ownership. The buyer is not mandated to document the weapon with the state, however, they have to request for a secret (concealed) carry license with the Arkansas state police if they wish to carry it concealed. An authorization is not needed for this bill of sale document.

Trading a Weapon in private

In Arkansas, anyone can sell a firearm privately without a permit or oversight. 

Banned from purchasing

Any individual who has been sentenced for the following offenses is prohibited from buying or possessing a handgun in Arkansas, according to A.C.A. 5-73-103:

Sentenced of a crime*; adjudged psychologically unwell; or sent to a mental institution involuntarily.

In this case, the word "felony" refers to whichever state or federal felony, except for every federal or state crime for which the individual(s) convicted has served their punishment/prison term and which falls into one of the four categorizations listed in 5-73-103. (e).

Getting a Weapon Registered

Firearms are not required to be registered in Arkansas.

Secret (Concealed) carry

Arkansas does not require a permit for concealed carry.

How to request a concealed carry

In Arkansas, the minimum age to carry a concealed weapon is eighteen, if the person is an active-duty member, or twenty-one years old. Other requirements for concealed carry are being an American citizen,

Arkansas residency for at least ninety days before application, free from psychological illnesses, and record of suicidal susceptibility, absence of criminal sentence and arrest authorization, no symptoms of persistent or habitual substance misuse, and completion of a weapons coaching and safety course.

Step 1: Submit a request for a concealed carry license virtually.

Step 2: Add fifty US dollars license charges. If the applicant is sixty-five years old or over, the fee is twenty-five US dollars.

Step 3: Add a complete set of fingerprints.

Step 4: Include a photo of the applicant.


Under Arkansas law 5-73-321, anybody with a valid secret (concealed) carry license given by a different state is allowed to carry a concealed weapon.