Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale
An Arizona firearm bill of sale is a document that allows the possessor of a weapon to lawfully sell or exchange the handgun to another person or party. Buyers and sellers of weapons in Arizona are not mandated to seek a permit or permission to have a secret (concealed) firearm due to the state's lenient gun regulations. A citizen of Arizona would only have to request a secret (concealed) firearm license if they wanted to use their weapon in a different state that required it.

Trading a weapon in private

In the state of Arizona, anyone can trade a weapon privately.

Banned from purchasing

An individual who perpetrates misconduct concerning firearms in Arizona if they intentionally sell or transfer a dangerous firearm to a restricted possessor, according to ARS 13-3102(A)(5). A forbidden possessor is defined as someone who:

  • Has been sentenced of a crime within or outside of this state, or has been adjudged guilty for a crime, and whose constitutional right to own or have a handgun has not been reinstated;

  • Is completing a sentence in a penitentiary or detention facility during the time of possession;

  • Is completing a sentence of probation or parole according to the interstate compact under title 31, chapter 3, article 4.1, or is completing a sentence of probation or parole according to a conviction for a domestic abuse crime as described in segment 13-3601 or a criminal offense, parole, community management, work furlough, home arrest, or release on whichever grounds during the time of possession;

  • Is an unrecorded foreigner or a non-resident foreigner who is traveling in this state for business deals/transactions or relaxation with or without papers, or who is having an academic pursuit in this state while maintaining a foreign habitation overseas. This division is not applicable to: 

    • a non-resident foreigner who has an acceptable hunting permit supplied by a state in the US; 

    • A non-resident foreigner who travels to the US to contest in a competitive target shooting function or to exhibit weapons at a sports or hunting trade exhibition backed by a national, state, or municipal weapon transaction group dedicated to the competitive or every other sporting use of weapons;

    • Specific diplomats; 

    • Foreign government officials or dignified foreign guests  assigned by the United States Department of State; 

    • and individuals who have gotten a waive from the US Attorney General; 

  • Has been found unfit under Rule 11 of the Arizona Rules of Culprit Procedure and has subsequently not been found qualified; 

  • or Has been found blameworthy unless insane.

Getting a Firearm Registered

The state of Arizona does not require the registration of firearms, as stated in ARS 13-3108.

Secret (concealed) Carry

In Arizona, concealed carry is legal without a license, however, a person can apply for one volitionally.

How to request a concealed carry

Applicants for a concealed carry license have to be at a minimum of twenty-one years old or nineteen years old if they have documentation of military service. They also have to be an Arizona resident or a United States citizen, free of criminal charges or arrests, free of psychological diseases, and legally reside in the United States.

Step 1: Fill out the concealed carry license request on both pages.

Step 2: Comply with ARS 13-3112 by attaching evidence of weapon proficiency.

Step 3: Fill out two FD-258 Blue Applicant Fingerprint cards and attach them to your application.

Step 4: Enclose a $60.00 cashier's cheque, money order, or an authentic cheque made out to AZ DPS.

Step 5: Include evidence of nationality or constitutional right to remain in the United States.

Step 6: Send the application to Arizona DPS CWPU, P.O. Box 6488, Phoenix, AZ 85005.


Arizona recognizes concealed carry permits issued by all states to their residents under ARS 13-3112(Q).