Arizona Boat Bill of Sale
An Arizona boat bill of sale documents the acquisition and selling of a boat or vessel by two (2) or more people. The new owner must submit a bill of sale to the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) along with numerous other paperwork when registering their newly acquired watercraft. Without proper registration and decals, all motorized and certain gas-powered vessels are prohibited from operating in Arizona waters. As a result, both the buyer and the seller must prepare a bill of sale that includes all of the vessel's mechanical and cosmetic features, & the agreed-upon purchase price.

Signatory Requirements - Only the seller(s) must sign the document.

Getting a Boat Registered

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD)requires that all motorized and gas-powered boats be registered. All freshly issued boat registrations have a 12-month validity period to fit within the "staggered registration system," where the expiration date is defined by the final two digits of the "AZ" number.

Registrations will last anywhere from 7 to 18 months in the second year. Renewals can be completed online via the AZGFD's Registration Renewal System, by mail, or in person at an AZGFD office near you.

Where Should I Register?

All documentation must be delivered to an Arizona Game and Fish Agency location in person.

Documents Required

  • Bill of Sale;

  • Watercraft Certificate of Number Application (Form 1532);

  • Statement of Manufacturer's Origin (for new boats); 

  • Present Registration (for used boats); 

  • Registration Fees (pricing may vary depending on the length of the watercraft) and 

  • a valid Arizona driver's license or photo ID.