Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale
An Alaska firearm sale document allows a person to lawfully trade a weapon to some other person. The purchaser has to be no less than eighteen years old and not be prohibited from possessing a handgun by law. As stated by the AS 18.65.700 of the Alaska Statutes and Regulations regarding Alaska secret (concealed) firearm license, an individual may obtain a permit to carry a pistol for as much as there are no conflicts regarding the legitimacy of the purchase or sale. A state-licensed notary must act as an eyewitness and notarize this paper

Trading a Firearm in private

In Alaska, anyone can sell a gun privately.

Banned from buying

AS 11.61.200 

If an individual perpetrates a third-degree crime of misbehavior with firearms, he or she:

  • Intentionally owns a handgun that can be hidden on one's person after being sentenced  for a felony or adjudged a criminal underaged by a court in Alaska, the US, or a different state or territory for behavior that would constitute a felony if perpetrated by an adult;

  • Willfully trades or gives a concealable handgun to an individual who has been sentenced for a crime in Alaska, the US, or a different state or territory;

  • produces, owns, conveys, trades, or carries an illegal weapon;

  • intentionally trades or gives a weapon to an individual whose bodily or psychological health has been significantly harmed by the influx of alcoholic drinks or a measured. substance into that person's system;

  • removes, conceals, changes, or destroys a firearm's manufacturer's serial number to make it untraceable;

  • owns a weapon on which the manufacturer's identifying number has been erased, masked/disguised, changed, or defaced to make the weapon not traceable;

  • When a person's bodily or psychological condition is wasted as a result of the influx of an alcoholic drink or measured substance into the individual's body, s/he transgresses AS 11.46.320 and possesses a firearm on the person during the violation;

  • enters or remains illegally on vicinities or in a moving automobile transgression of terms of a decree given or filed under AS 18.66.100 — 18.66.180 or given under previous AS 25.35.010 (b) or 25.35.020, and has a defense weapon or a dangerous weapon on the person during the violation, other than a plain pocket knife;

  • owns a handgun for defending or a lethal firearm, other than a common pocket knife, while communicating physically with another in breach of AS 11.56.740;

  • stays in a residence aware that there is a hidden weapon on one's person or a banned handgun in the premises if the person has been sentenced of a crime by a court in Alaska, a court of the US, or a court of a different state or territory, except if the person has written authorization to live in a residence where there is a hidden weapon described in this section; or

  • fires a pistol from a moving automobile in conditions other than those indicated in AS 11.61.190(a) (2).

Getting a Firearm Registered

Alaska doesn't have any law requiring a person to document a handgun. Also, any municipal jurisdiction in Alaska is banned from requiring a resident to register a firearm (AS 29.35.145).

Concealed Carry

An Alaska resident must have an Alaska secret (concealed) firearm license to have a hidden handgun (ACHP). Residents who are twenty-one years old or older are eligible to request such permits.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete a Department of Public Safety-provided handgun course. The authorization would be supplied after the course is completed.

Step 2: Obtain passport photographs (must be between thirty days of submitting the request).

Step 3: Have your fingerprints taken at an endorsed Fingerprinter workspace.

Step 4 – Present the required documentation in-person to a State Trooper Office:

  • $88.25 check made payable to Alaska state.

  • Application for a Concealed Pistol Permit (Form 12-299A); 

  • An authorization from the Department of Public Safety for concluding the firearm course; 

  • Photograph of the aspirant which equals a passport photograph; Fingerprints on a quality  8′′ x 8′′ FBI fingerprint card; 

The permission should be accepted or rejected after about 30 days.


All permits granted in other states are accepted in Alaska, according to AS 18.65.74