Alabama Boat Bill of Sale
An Alabama boat bill of sale is a legalized paper that a vendor gives to a purchaser to file/record the transfer of ownership and the amount spent for the boat. This paper is required by the state for documentation purposes. This document, not an invoice, is required because specific information is required for registration. This paper will entail all the needed details for appropriate registration.

The vendor and purchaser must authenticate the contract in the company of a notary or two eyewitnesses.

Getting a Boat Registered

New vessels must be documented within three days, and old (used) boats must be properly documented within fifteen days if they are currently filed with Alabama. If you merely want to renew your registration, you can do it virtually at this webpage.

Where Should I Register?

A fresh Registree should go to the County Probate office closest to them. There, you'll present your documents and be able to register your boat.

Documents Required

  • For brand new or out-of-state vessels, an application for a state-assigned HIN is required.

  • Bill of sale document (only for brand new vessels, but highly recommended for old vessels);

  • Documentation of Vessel Length;

  • Registration application; 

  • Title, if provided, but not needed; and

Go to your county for registration charges, which are often based on class size (length of the vessel).