Missouri Vehicle Bill of Sale
A Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides evidence of the transfer of ownership for a specific item or property. It includes transaction details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, item description, condition (if relevant), sale price, and any warranties or guarantees.
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To buy and sell a vehicle, a Missouri motor vehicle bill of sale is drawn to show the legality of this transaction and prove that there has been a transfer of title of that vehicle. This document is essential for the registration of the vehicle and must be approved by authorized persons in cases where the vehicle has been revamped.

The mileage declaration form (also known as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 1545)): This statement is to be submitted alongside the bill of sale and other documents for the registration of vehicles that are under 10 years old or weigh below 16,000 pounds.

The person buying the vehicle, as well as the person selling it, is required to imprint their signature on this form.

Registering a Vehicle

Any person who purchases a vehicle is expected to register it within thirty (30) days of acquisition/purchase. As regards what an individual prefers, registrations can be renewed once a year or once in two (2) years. Renewals can be done online or physically; via the Missouri Department of Revenue and mail, or by visiting a  Licensing office in Missouri, respectively.

Registration Center

To register, visit any Licensing office in Missouri.

Registration Requirements for a Motor Vehicle

  • Proof of Legal Purchase (which is Bill of Sale in this case);

  • Mileage Declaration Form (also known as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 1545));

  • Documents to show that there has been a transfer of ownership (Incase the document this document is unavailable, it can be replaced);

  • A completely filled form to apply for titling and licensing of the vehicle;

  • A permit to drive as proved in the state of Missouri;

  • In cases where someone else registers the vehicle in place of the original owner of the vehicle, a Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required;

  • Payment of Registration costs;

  • Documents to show that the vehicle is insured and covered;

    • For every person who suffers physical injury, $25,000 is paid;

    • For every accident that causes destruction to property, $25,000 is paid;

    • For every accident that causes physical injury, $50,000 is paid.