Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale
A Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides evidence of the transfer of ownership for a specific item or property. It includes transaction details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, item description, condition (if relevant), sale price, and any warranties or guarantees.
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A Maine motor vehicle bill of sale is a document that concludes the transaction of buying and selling of vehicles between parties; where one party is the buyer and the other is the seller. New owners of vehicles in the state of Maine must present this bill to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles(BMV). Pursuant to this, the vehicle becomes registered under the person’s name, and then he/she can drive it on public roads. This registration must be done regardless of whom(a private party or a dealership) the vehicle is purchased from.

A Mileage Declaration Form also known as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MVT-32), which declares a vehicle’s mileage, is needed when registering the vehicle; this registration must take place at a town office located in the state.

When all the requirements for this process are provided, the buyer, seller, and lienholder (if there is any) must imprint their signature on the document.

Vehicle Registration 

After a person buys a vehicle, he/she must register the vehicle with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). If the vehicle is being sent in from a different state, the person must first register as a resident in Maine, then proceed to register the vehicle with the BMV within thirty (30) days after becoming a resident. Registrations are to be renewed once a year after expiration. This renewal mostly occurs during the month the vehicle was first registered. It has also been noted that through the use of Rapid Renewal Service, renewals need not be done physically as they can be done online.

Where to Register

There are local offices listed under the Rapid Renewal Vehicle & Trailer Registration Renewal Services as participating districts/municipalities; any person can register their vehicles under these offices. Asides from these, vehicles can also be registered at a Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) location.

Documents needed for a successful registration include:

  • Proof of purchase (Which is a Bill of Sale in this case)

  • A form declaring vehicle’s mileage, also known as Odometer information;

  • The original certificate stating ownership of vehicle (If the original certificate is no longer available, the person may check Motor Vehicle Title Replacement to see what he/she can do to get a new one);

  • A receipt which represents proof that excise tax has been paid; this payment differs based on districts);

  • A White & Yellow duplicate of the original application form that was gotten at a local town office during registration.

  • A valid license that permits the individual to drive on the roads of Maine;

  • A blue-colored duplicate of the original form used to apply for title ( this is only needed for 1995 version of vehicles, or newer versions);

  • A sticker showing the price the Manufacturer sold the vehicle at. This is also called a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and is required when the vehicle is brand new;

  • Fees paid during registration of the vehicle;

  • An Insurance confirmation as required by law; and

  • In cases wherein the absence of the owner of the vehicle, an agent acts in his place, there will be a need for a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney.