Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale
A Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides evidence of the transfer of ownership for a specific item or property. It includes transaction details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, item description, condition (if relevant), sale price, and any warranties or guarantees.
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The Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that serves as evidence of a transaction involving the change in ownership of a motor vehicle in Illinois. The transaction can be a purchase, sale, or trade, and all of the relevant information such as VIN, model, make, contact details of participating parties, etc. are recorded within the bill of sale form. 
It’s a required document when trying to register a newly purchased vehicle with the secretary of state and when trying to officially get the title in the name of the buyer. Without it, the application will be rejected. 

In addition to the Illinois vehicle bill of sale, there are multiple other documents that are required such as the odometer disclosure statement and the seller’s report of sale (VSD-703).  The seller's report must be submitted by them to the SOS right after the sale while the bill of sale is submitted by the buyer when registering. 

Registering a motor vehicle in Illinois 

Illinois has a relatively short time frame for registering a vehicle when it was purchased privately, given as a gift, or received as an inheritance. The registration process should be completed within twenty days of the original transactions. If you’re an individual buying a vehicle privately - not via a dealership - then you’re responsible for handling all of the paperwork associated with registering said vehicle. 

Like other states, the registration must be renewed annually but it can be done online through the Secretary of State Vehicle Services Division webpage.  

Required vehicle registration forms in Illinois

  • A duly completed and signed motor vehicle bill of sale form 

  • An odometer disclosure statement for the vehicle if it’s under 20 years old and less than 16,000 pounds. 

  • A completed application for vehicle transfer (VSD 190). It can be filled online but must be submitted within 7 days to a local SOS office. 

  • A signed (by the previous owner) certificate of title 

  • A form called the seller's report of sale (VSD-703)

  • A drivers license that’s valid in Illinois 

  • Tax RUT-50

  • The fees associated with registration which are usually around $150

  • Valid proof of car insurance 

If someone is registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner then a motor vehicle power of attorney is also required