Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale
A Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides evidence of the transfer of ownership for a specific item or property. It includes transaction details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, item description, condition (if relevant), sale price, and any warranties or guarantees.
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An Alaska motor vehicle bill of sale is a legalized document that establishes the trading or transfer of an automobile between a purchaser and a vendor. It contains information on the sale, such as the bought price, terms of the transaction, and an elucidation of the car. It is mandated as an aspect of the documentation procedure for the purchase and has to be signed by the two parties involved. Statement of Odometer Disclosure (Form 839) — This form is required when transferring and documenting an automobile. 

Vehicle Registration

within ten days of the car sale/purchase date, an individual must apply for a first (1st) time automobile registration (or ten days from enrolling as an inhabitant for out-of-state buyers). The documentation duration is two years, and the DMV will mail a renewal notice to the car owner if it is fewer than thirty days from expiration. A car owner can use the virtual renewal method to renew their registration after the first enrollment has been completed.

Where Should I Register?

If the dweller lives within fifty miles of a DMV area, the car has to be documented physically.

If a dweller resides in a distant area of Alaska and lacks the means to get to a local office within fifty miles of a DMV workspace, they can complete the Title Application on the Remote Alaska Title Procedures Website (Form 812). Any other essential documentation can be sent via mail.

Documents Required

  • Vehicle title (if there is a claim against the automobile and it is documented in Alaska and an external state, give a copy of the title);

    • Claim release (if relevant)

  • Sale Document; 

  • Statement of Odometer Disclosure;

  • Fill out an application for an automobile transaction(Form 812)

  • Provide a notarized Vehicle Power of Attorney if the vehicle is leased or if you are signing for another person.

  • Prepare a check to cover the Registration Fees;

  • Insurance evidence with a minimum of the following coverage:

    • Fifty thousand US dollars for physical wound or demise of a person;

    • A hundred thousand dollars for physical wound or demise for any crash; and

    • Twenty-five thousand dollars for property destruction.