Oklahoma Vehicle Bill of Sale
A Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides evidence of the transfer of ownership for a specific item or property. It includes transaction details such as the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, item description, condition (if relevant), sale price, and any warranties or guarantees.
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An Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale is a document that lays out the details of the change of proprietorship and presents a written record of the transaction. It will contain details on the vendor, the purchaser, and the car itself. This form will likely be needed for automobile documentation.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 729) - Federal and state rules mandates that a car's mileage is declared at the transaction time, with criminal consequences for failing to do so. This mandatory form acts as an official distance declaration. It is important to note that if the sold car is not less than ten years old, this may not be required.

Automobile Registration

A license plate could "follow" a car in a sale up to the present time, according to Oklahoma law. This is not the case anymore for all transactions after June 2019. Within thirty days after the vehicle acquisition, the new holder of the automobile has to apply to title and document the car with the Tax Commission by transferring to, or purchasing, a license plate for a brand new car. A year's registration is valid. The state's OkCars service allows you to renew your documentation virtually.

Where should I register?

Registration can be carried out at any Oklahoma Tax Commission office or any of the various Tag Agents in the state.

Documents Needed

  • An authenticated Declaration of Automobile Purchase Price or a Sale Document produced by contract between the vendor and the purchaser;

  • If you're looking for a prototype Oklahoma title:

    • If it's a new car bought in-state, the manufacturer's certificate of origin, or if it's an old automobile acquired from another state, the out-of-state title;

      • If the vehicle was bought from a different state, documentation of survey from an Oklahoma Tag Agent is required.

    • A finished Oklahoma Paper of Title for a Vehicle Application (Form 701-6);

  • If you're looking for an Oklahoma title transfer, for example, an old car you bought in the state, the present title has already been shifted to you;

  • Statement on the Odometer. It should be noted that if the car that is traded is for not less than ten years old, this may not be required.

  • An acceptable driver's permit is required;

  • If the automobile is subject to a claim, for example, one that is being acquired with financing or one that was acquired with financing formerly, a claim report is required:

    • A claim on an automobile can be entered, freed, and confirmed by the Lien Division of the Motor Vehicle Department.

    • If a claim is not freed, it will remain attached to the car and appear on the purchaser's new title.

    • Two signed copies of a release of lien form are required if the claim holder is freeing the lien: one to be forwarded to the State Tax Commission and the other to be provided to the borrower.

    • Check Form FL-21 for more details on motor vehicle liens.

  • Liability insurance validation. 

  • Along with any unpaid taxes, fines, interest, and penalty charges related to the plate, there are excise and sales taxes, as well as any titling and documentation costs;

  • A motor vehicle power of attorney is required if an agent is buying the car on behalf of the new owner.

  • Documentation cost and

  •  Title cost.